AUKS FDS offers a single point of contact social prescribing service extending access to information, early interventions and flexible low-level community-based support, to adults who do not require intensive or specialised support interventions from statutory services.

A team of FD Living Well Link Workers (LWLW) act as assessors and conduits to low level community support interventions to older people and their carers to help sustain independence and self-care. Part of the service offer includes AUKS infrastructure support (see below), however the FD LWLWs will also conduct mapping exercises of other VCS and Statutory provision in Sunderland to ensure further connectivity and access to support and services.


LWL Service

The FD LWL service will act as a conduit to community infrastructure social prescribing support. The team will work as an interface between health, housing, social care and voluntary/community services accessing support from a wide range of community resources, including the infrastructure support of the FDS together with other AUKS & partner support services giving added value to the programme.

Advocacy Service The advocacy service offers generic advocacy tailored to the needs of those who access the programme. The advocacy service provides specialist advice and support for individuals facing the issues of bereavement, housing & social care options (including accessing care home provision and transitions in later life).
Information and Advice Service An advice worker provides a vital contribution to tackling social inequality and household deprivation. They provide telephone advice and home visiting service for those who need it, supporting individuals and carers with benefit claims and support with income maximisation.
Community Support Service This team deals with community-based group interventions by providing group social contact sessions/activities to reduce loneliness and social isolation across the 5 localities of Sunderland. The team link people to social opportunities via a team of staff & volunteers and provide access to a shared meal and companionship in different community venues.
Keeping in Touch Team (KIT) The KIT team support people that experience extreme loneliness & isolation across the city who find it difficult to engage with their local community due to ill health, mobility restrictions and lack of social connections. The team offer either a visiting or telephone service and aim to develop a digital element by introducing Skype group conversations and digital inclusion elements in the future.

Individuals, their families and carers will receive a holistic, tailored range of options when they call the FDS, which may include…

  • Low-level support an initial assessment and a brief intervention such as the provision of practical information/signposting
  • Intensive individual support to reconnect with social networks, income maximisation, build confidence/resilience after a change in circumstances (e.g. following an accident/illness/bereavement, disability/loss of mobility) this can be offered through a ‘wrap-around’ offer of community support services.

Support will be for a maximum of 12 weeks (although community infrastructure services support will be ongoing)

Also the FDS ensures that adults in the city receive the support they need at the time they need it; problems in the person’s life are addressed and existing and new arrangements better co-ordinated. The benefits include improved social interactions within their local community and the development of new connections/networks.

Individuals requiring support have a better understanding of what support is available to them in their local community and feel more connected and confident to access a support network dedicated to their specific needs. The service can help identify ‘hidden’ carers and signpost accordingly, to provide support tailored to the individual needs of the carer.

Main service contacts:

Tracy Collins, Director, Age UK Sunderland

Leah Abdulla, Operations Manager, Age UK Sunderland

For any enquiries regarding the Front Door Service, please call 0191 565 9045 or email us.